Are you exhausted of keeping your cuddly little pup away from you while travelling? Are you sick of paying hefty amount of money to the dog sitter consistently? Now there is s solution and its name is OxGord Rolling Backpack Pet Carrier. Meet your travel companion and with its help you can now brilliantly carry your pet anywhere. Be it your mom’s place, hiking, or the sunny beach. You would never have to fear your pet from running wild and astray. Even when you are driving, you pet would behave erratically and it leads to a lot of road accidents. This is when the carriers become handy.

Why rolling backpack?

It has the feature of rolling so you need not carry it in your shoulders all day long. The best part is when your pet realises that you are finally including him in all your adventures and not having to worry when you will return or if you will return at all. The following are the best features when it comes to OxGord:

  1. They keep you and your pet close during the times of travelling
  2. The mesh structure allows them to breathe and view the surrounding without getting confused. Once they get confused they feel threatened and growl with anger and rage.
  3. There is a tether that you can open for you to pat or scratch his ears whenever you yearn or crave to pet them, it also attracts passersby to pet them and make your pet feel loved.
  4. The rolling feature allows you to drag the carrier along the street instead of carrying him in shoulders

Enjoy happy travel days with your furry bestie

It is a known phenomenon that your pet is your best friend. So leaving him behind during any trip or adventure must have broken your heart. The days are gone when you had to worry about your pet being alone at home with a careless sitter. With the new carrier with features that will best suit your pet that has ground breaking potential for providing absolute comfort to your pet. While dogs can be carried along with a leash, cats do not respond well to the leather straps tethered to them. This carrier will make life much simpler when you can take your furry little companion to your expeditions where he can see a whole new side of the world. So go ahead and buy the best carrier that is around for your companion.