Copenhagen, the very Danish capital is loaded with surprising, artful, and cosmopolitan cafés, cultures, and history. We secretly wish to put Copenhagen as a part of everyone’s bucket list, and why not? We have listed a few reasons below.

  1. The bike culture

It doesn’t come as a surprise to us that Copenhagen is the most bike friendly city in the world. The city is paved with cycle lanes and flat streets and the real joy of riding on a cycle is incomparable. The locals deem cycling as an expression of their personalities. Many people equip the front of their bikes with weld trucks to make a makeshift seat for passengers and many transform them into delivery carts and much more. You can rent a bike with ease in the Danish capital.

  1. Tivoli gardens

Apart from the commercial vibes of the city, Tivoli Gardens have managed to hook to its much 19th century vibes. Amid the modern rides and graceful eateries, the gardens are decorated with vintage dodgems, retro Ferris wheels and merry go rounds. In the year of 1874, Pantomime Theater was built that hosts stages ballets and Pierrot pantomimes and a lot more! And when it comes to staying in this city, holiday accommodation Copenhagen got your back!

  1. A perfect haunt for history lovers

Copenhagen is old enough and still manages to decorate and retain the oldest architectural landmarks to attract tourists from all over the world. Stroll in the Nyhavn harbor to make the most of the vintage vibes. This Danish capital is also filled with the legendary figures like Hans Christian Andersen, a philosopher named Søren Kirkegaard and much more. There are many royalties to explore as well like the Rosenborg Castle, the Royal Reception Rooms of Christianborg Palace, and the Changing of Guard at the Royal Residence of Amalienborg.

  1. Gastronome’s haunt

Copenhagen has been renowned among the foodies over the last decade. A chef named Rene Redzepi leveled the movement up with the establishment of the world famous restaurant named Noma. This place has a renaissance of its own. It showcases the best Nordic menus in three acts namely, the spring seafood season, summer vegetable season and the winter forest and last but not the least, the game season. There are many more restaurants leading the revolution like Kadeau, Amass and Høst.