Great Britain is a premiere. Every year, thousands of people come from all over the world to experience what England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland has to offer.

You can plan out a full itinerary before you travel, covering all four countries.

1) England – in England, you might want to visit famous landmarks such as the Tower Of London and the Peak District in the north. You will be able to see many different aspects of English life as you are travelling around.

2) Wales – Wales has a rich heritage and you can explore the countryside. Sports fans might want to check out the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and see a game of rugby.

3) Ireland – You can visit places such as the Giant’s Causeway and explore cities like Dublin.

4) Scotland – You can take a look around the Highlands and visit Edinburgh.

You will want to review luxury hotels in the UK if your budget can afford it. You will notice that staying in a luxury hotel is a different experience to staying in a regular hotel.

Why is it a good idea to review five-star hotels?

You Can Compare The Cost Of Rooms

When you are staying at five-star hotels, you want to make sure that you are going to get your money’s worth and that nothing is going to go to waste. This means that you should look at the cost of the room per night.

  • Draw up a shortlist of several hotels around the United Kingdom. You will be able to compare the price of each one before moving onto the advantages and disadvantages of the individual hotels. This is going to influence your final decision on where you are going to end up staying whilst you are on your trip.

You Can Compare The Food

Many people who review the five-star hotels they have stayed at will review the food that is served in the hotel restaurant. It is convenient to eat in the hotel restaurant and it also means that you get to sample some of the finest food in the entirety of the United Kingdom.

  • Look at several different reviews that focus on the quality of the food in different hotel restaurants. You will be able to decide which hotel has the best restaurant and then you can book a room. The food is extremely important when you are on your holiday.

You Can Compare The Performance Of The Staff

The performance of the hotel staff is crucial for you when you are staying in a five-star hotel. People will write reviews praising or criticising the performance of the staff members.

  • Look at lots of reviews which mention the staff at different hotels and you can see positive comments left by guests. This is going to influence your decision of which hotel to choose.


You can find the best hotels to stay at when you look at online reviews.