Hiking with kids is great fun. Besides, you give them an opportunity to get closer to nature and do something extremely different than just playing games on computer, tabs and mobile.

However, be extremely prepared as this isn’t going to be easy at all. Planning a randonnée en famille with kids and executing the plan as perfectly as possible is pretty nerve-wracking. For this, it is crucial to have realistic expectations. Remember, your kids are not going to be happy all the time throughout the hike. There will be a few ups and down throughout the hike, and how well you handle the situation is entirely up to you.

Here we have listed a few things which you must expect while on a hike with kids. Don’t get bored or address the situation incorrectly. Instead, be calm and show enthusiasm all the time…

Things to expect while hiking with kids:

  1. There will be many stops: Well, if you like to keep moving fast, this is not how it is going to be when you are hiking with kids. They will get bored, cry and even scream at times. You might have to take plenty of breaks to handle such situation. Also, there are chances that they might spot something and would like to explore it more. All in all, be prepared for more than just a few breaks throughout the hike.
  1. Pack sufficient snacks and water: Yes, even if it is just a 2 to 3 miles’ hike, it is necessary to pack some snack items and water when you have kids along. They will get hungry and thirsty after walking so much and will definitely need some energy to move further. Don’t think too hard, all you have to carry are snack items which your kids love. Items like granola bars, graham crackers, etc. will be sufficient.

  1. Talk Talk and Talk: Most of the kids will walk for hours and hours if you keep on talking to them. This will keep them occupied and they won’t even know that they are walking since so long. Also, hiking is a great time to bond with kids. If you are doing it for the first time, be prepared, you are going to explore your kid much more than before.

Lastly, know that hiking with kids is completely different from hiking with adults. So, if you think you can’t handle it, better hire a babysitter and leave the kids behind.