If you are planning for a Las Vegas wedding, the easiest way to pay for and plan the big day is to buy wedding packages in Vegas. Wedding packages can vary by providers. Before you by a package, you want to negotiate some things for the final price of the package. Avoid signing the dotted line before you review the following:


You want to ensure the package includes transportation to and from the airport. A lot of venues have free airport shuttles. But, you might want a chauffeur waiting for you at the baggage claim to let you ride a limo with some fruits and champagne. Think about a limousine service to take care of the errands around town and bring you to your wedding venue.

Moreover, transportation here also includes your ride to wherever you want to spend your wedding night. Las Vegas never sleeps and neither should your big day.

Wedding Attire Rentals

Wedding packages can include your wedding gown and your groom’s tuxedo. Just find a local dress shop and tuxedo shop to get your measurements taken. Give this information to your wedding planner so that everything will be prepared when you arrive in Vegas. This company should look for reputable Vegas wedding attire rentals and help you choose the right one.

Travel Expenses

The expenses include your trip to the city and back home. They cover car rental, parking fees, gas money, and airline tickets.


It is important to have room reservations. Whether you want a bungalow or a master suite, Vegas has a lot of options for you to choose from. Wedding packages include your accommodation so you might want to choose one that suits your budget.

Wedding Venue

Your choice of venue will depend on your dream wedding and your budget. Your wedding coordinator can help you take care of the details of your wedding and arrange everything, including the decoration, in the wedding venue. Remember that spending more time at a location will mean more money to spend. A lot of facilities can have several weddings in one day.

Wedding Vendors

To ensure the success of your wedding day and make it a memorable event, you want to hire professional vendors. They include food caterers, photographers, videographers, wedding cake supplier, flower shop, and entertainers. The glam of your entire evening will depend on how much budget you set and the ability of your wedding coordinator to put things in order.