The sea has long held a special place in the hearts and minds of humanity. Our collective imagination likes to envision the sea as something beautiful, an adventure to be shared and experienced again and again, something both familiar and new each time. One of the great benefits of living or visiting Australia is, of course, access to some of the best sailing and cruising waters in the world. Whether you’re looking for a cultural delight or natural beauty like nowhere else on earth, Sydney’s harbours have it covered.

There are any ways in which you can experience the beauty of the seas around Sydney, not the least of which being a specially-rented luxury sailing ship or yacht.

To that end, here are just some of the events for which you can plan with the help of a quality yacht rental team such as Champagne Sailing.

Renting Quality Yachts

First thing’s first – before you can set sail, you need to make sure you’re doing so in a proper vessel. You may find Titanic romantic, but you likely don’t want to find yourself unexpectedly re-enacting its famed ship-sinking scenes! Thankfully, the best suppliers of rental yachts and sailing ships in the Sydney area provide first-class vessels which are themselves routinely inspected, ensuring top-quality every single time.

You will also be able to select your yacht according to a wide range of applicable criteria, including:

  • Desired size
  • Desired price
  • Style
  • Colour
  • The time and date of your departure and return
  • And much more

For example, if you are looking to throw a party on a yacht in one of Sydney’s harbours or beyond, you’ll want to pick a vessel properly sized for the event. Too small, and things might feel cramped. Too large, and some of the intrigue of the night might be lost, to say nothing of having to pay for a larger ship than you could ever use or enjoy. Once you have decided on those factors, you will be able to rent a yacht which suits all your needs perfectly.

Romantic Getaway Packages

Nothing says romance quite like sunset at sea. That’s why the best providers of yachts and sailing ships for rent in Sydney offer romantic getaway packages for couples looking for to begin An Affair to Remember with an outing they’ll never forget! Some of the most scintillating features offered in these romantic cruise packages include:

  • Your choice of different French, Italian, and Australian wines, with the ability to pair red or white wines with expertly-prepared cuisine.
  • Champagne chilled to order
  • Exquisite Belgian chocolates
  • Romantic music
  • An ambience and sense of intimacy unlike anything else

Corporate Cruises

Then again, maybe you’re looking to book cruises for a corporate event. If so, these professionals can likewise help you find a ship which best suits the logistical needs of your outing.

Plan an amazing experience at sea with the best cruise yacht and sailing ship rental service in Sydney.