Looking for an exotic destination that doesn’t cost a fortune? Well, Costa Rica can be an apt choice. Located in Central America, this is a small country of many wonders, and there’s something for all kinds of travelers. Costa Rica is known for its wildlife reserves, and in fact, 25% of the country’s land is covered by national parks and reserve forests. Quite obviously, this can be your travel paradise. So, what are the things that matter in planning vacations in Costa Rica? We have few tips below for your help.

Planning your travel

Costa Rica might be a small country in area, but it’s certainly big in terms of options. You will find a number of options, right from lazing on the beaches in San José to spending time around the Arenal Volcano area. Keep in mind that you can cover most of the attractions in a span of two weeks, so make sure to plan rightly. One of the best ideas is to go for a package, which can include your stay, safaris, entries to park and much more. You can save huge, especially if you consider the individual prices. You can check options like Gray Line Costa Rica, which are quite popular.

Things to do

Costa Rica offers some of the best options in rafting and scuba diving in Central America, and it is best to try some of the new things, like fishing and golfing. Of course, the national parks remain one of the main attractions here. You can choose the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is one of the top choices and has some good beaches as you make way for it. Adventure activities in Costa Rica are not expensive as per global standards, but if you book a package, you will get better deals and discounts for sure.

Things to eat

Costa Rican foods are not spicy, and some of the popular dishes include Gallo pinto and Salsa Lizano. Please note that in most Central American countries, ham is a common inclusion in breakfast, so if you don’t eat pork, make sure that you ask the restaurants and eateries for options. Contrary to what people may want you to believe, Costa Rica is great for vegans, and you can find many options, depending on your preference.

You can talk to your travel provider about some of the good resorts, which can be included in the package for an extra charge. You can learn more about Gray Line here www.graylinecostarica.com.