Couple several weeks ago I authored articles about safe diving. Diving is really a safe sport, should you stick to the fundamental rules, and choose the best individuals to go diving with.

Couple of we selected two easy dives, my customers are a newcomer divers, therefore we find the dive sites that might be best for his or her level. Of course, we met at shop before nine, checked the environment, prepared the gear, did the briefing, loaded something to the boat and visited dive sites known as Park I and Park II.

It had been an attractive sunny day, as the majority of the times within Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. Following a short, about ten to fifteen minute boat ride, we showed up to the first dive site. The dive was great, the visibility was 100 foot  , temperature of water 27 C / 81 F (still freezing for me personally however the clients loved it). We adopted the reef by the finish from the dive our boat selected us up. We’d bit of current around the first dive, therefore we made the decision to choose the 2nd dive the alternative direction and hopefully go swimming using the current, however this time on the other hand from the reef.

We’ve got ready for that second dive and merely once we were entering water another dive boat filled with divers showed up. I did not care an excessive amount of, as this diving area is big and you may distinct path therefore the groups don’t hinder one another whatsoever. I understand that many dive shops dive a loop and go back to exactly the same place with discretion on by their boat, so because of this I favor going across the reef, our boat is following us and picks us up whenever we finish the dive. Which was again the dive plan with my two divers. We arrived at the underside and started gradually drifting through the reef we stopped through the cannons and performed a little using the cannon balls. Whenever we were departing this underwater playground I observed the divers in the other boat approaching exactly the same area. I did not pay an excessive amount of focus on them simply because they had their very own guide as well as their own dive plan.

I was going our way, experiencing the dive, searching at corrals and fish and all of a sudden I saw four divers in the other group the follow. I understood something wasn’t right, I ended and attempted to determine that which was happening, where was their guide, however in that moment the group switched around and began to go swimming the alternative direction. And So I thought everything was fine. After couple of minutes I looked again and recognized that the divers in the group disappeared except one and that he was still being following us. We stopped, I contacted him and that i clearly saw in the eyes he was lost and scared. I rapidly checked his air ensured he was OK and gave him the signal to follow along with me. We altered our course and switched back, heading for the motorboats.

It did not take lengthy to determine the road in the buoy so when we began the accent I saw another guide coming lower in the surface trying to find the lost diver. The guide drawn on my shoulder by way of thanking me for getting the diver securely back and I saw a large relieve in the eyes.

We ongoing with this dive, we simply altered the direction, but we still had a lot of fun, saw plenty of marine existence, did not cut the dive short, and also at the finish everyone was happy. Before we finished the dive another boat vanished. As we returned towards the boat, our captain explained how everyone was panicking around the big boat the wife from the missing diver was crying that they lost her husband.

This very day were built with a happy ending, only couple of unanswered questions left. Why all of this happened? Could it have been since the guide had seven divers, a number of them beginners? Or could it have been a poor briefing prior to the dive, maybe no briefing whatsoever? Where was the buddy system? How will you lose 1 / 2 of your group in 30 foot water with 100  foot visibility? Could it have been luck of professionalism? How all of those other divers felt when their dive was destroyed with this incident plus they needed to cut their dive short? We are able to ask a lot more questions that will not be clarified.

I don’t question other dive shops as well as their practice, after i visit a diver that requires help I help. That i can go diving is fun and really should be fun for everyone constantly. Regrettably some professionals get it done just for money, the diving stopped being fun on their behalf lengthy time ago.

So when you plan the next diving vacations, does not matter if you are Diving in Dominican Republic, or any place in Caribbean, or any place in the world, please research your options. Search the dive shops in the region, inquire at different scuba forums or travel forums and find out what previous customers say about each dive operation.