Airboats are maneuverable and efficient, offering a flat working surface to the water. An airboat can be equipped with a variety of rescue and fire-extinguishing equipment or high power lighting for night operations.

Customized modifications airboat can provide ample, engine driven or auxiliary generator lighting. Other modifications include fire pumps, deck weapons, seismic equipment, GPS navigation, body lifts and closed cabinets for use in cold weather.

Without parts running below the waterline, the airboats are able to cross the water surface or without water. Without water support, an airboat is not hindered by submerged or floating debris that damage conventional water propellers. This also makes platform airboats perfect for diving.

 Airboats turned out to be of real value in search and rescue operations after Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi. Airboats can be operated on virtually any surface; they are more robust than airbags; and provide greater payload capacity.

Where are airboats used?

Airboats are used on all continents in various applications. In North America and Australia, airboats are an important part of the tourism industry. They are also widely used for fishing and hunting.

In Indonesia, these are used in forestry operations, allowing staff and materials to be transported across multiple channels, often passing over logs downstream.

In Africa and elsewhere, airboats are widely used in seismic mapping and exploration operations.

Airboats are fast, easy to figure out, convenient to use, affordably priced, and economical to operate, compared to hovercrafts. They are incredibly easy to maintain – no axles, differentials, suspensions, rims, tires or steering columns to damage. Choosing a car engine allows an airboat to be served by any experienced engineer on a large scale. Diesel engines are another option and can be converted to be used with biofuel – ideal for operations in the Safari Lodge alternative border regions.

Versatility is what gives airboats a wide range of uses: ecotourism, search and rescue, conservation, fishing, recreation, seismic exploration, law enforcement and transportation. Airboats do not have to rely so much on speed and are also used as ferries.

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