Are you planning on flying somewhere in 2019? If you are, it is best to be aware of air fares and how budget airlines take advantage of luggage restrictions to squeeze more money out of passengers. It is staggering how changes in luggage allowances for some budget airlines continues to have a negative impact on holidaymakers, and it can seem like there just isn’t an option out there to circumnavigate the potential problems and miss out on the sometimes costly charges.

Travelling with budget airlines is the only way for low-income families and individuals to travel abroad, so to be stung with extra costs for luggage can be too much to handle. If you are reliant on living within a strict budget on a weekly basis, looking for discounts when grocery shopping, or depending on payday loans with no credit from responsible payday loan lenders, why shouldn’t you be able to take a holiday abroad?

A cheap European city break or a holiday on the Spanish coast is open to anyone and everyone since budget airlines became so popular, but with luggage restrictions tightening and extra costs appearing in order for a family to bring along a suitcase big enough to carry everything needed for a break away from home, what can you do about it?

The first thing to consider is to weigh up how many people are coming on the trip, and whether it is cost effective to split the cost of one suitcase between you. Especially when it comes to travelling with toiletries and other liquids that cannot be taken on board in your hand luggage, this can be of great benefit. The cost to one person might be too extortionate (up to £30 per flight in some cases for an extra hold suitcase to be added to the initial ticket price) but split between friends it might be more cost effective.

Another option is to think about duty free, and how items bought in the airport, after you’ve gone through security, can be taken on board in an extra duty-free bag. This means that you can cram everything you need into your hand luggage, until you go through security, then make sure it will be allowed on the flight and fits either in the compartments above or under the seat in front by taking out some excess items and filling up the duty free bags you’ve just acquired.

Choose your hand luggage carefully, some hard case small suitcases take up plenty of space when stored on a flight, whereas a squidgy holdall might be able to carry everything you need but is more easily stored on a busy flight, as it can squeeze into tight spaces and gaps between the harder cases and bags.

Budget airlines are sneaky in how they squeeze more money out of passengers, but as you can see, there are ways in which you can make the most of your hand luggage, travelling group, and duty free, to overcome those obstacles and not be forced to pay a fortune for your budget travel abroad.