These days people are much more aware of the fact that a timeshare is not actually the great investment it is sold as. The controversy surrounding timeshares has caused them to die out somewhat, however they often spring up again under new guises.

People are increasingly turning to independent experts such as the Timeshare Consumer Association for advice, and if something so much as sounds like a timeshare it is best to take your hard-earned money elsewhere and steer well clear.

Luckily there are plenty of other great options when it comes to heading off on holiday, and what’s even better is the fact you won’t be tied in to returning to the same place during the same week each year.


More and more of us are choosing staycations rather than jetting off, and last year they saw a surge in popularity due to things such as exchange rates and uncertainty over Brexit. This article from the Guardian explores the subject, and how Brits are exploring more of their home country instead.

Visiting filming locations has been popular, with Scotland receiving an influx or tourism due to Stephen Spielberg’s BFG, and the TV series Outlander.

With so much natural beauty to be seen in the UK, dedicating a bit more time to exploring our own shores makes for a wonderful break.

Go camping

Camping is a great opportunity to get close to nature, and a camping holiday either at home or abroad can be lots of fun.

Whether you want to pick a campsite and spend a few days there, or perhaps pack up the car and head off on a little bit of a camping road trip these camping life hacks may come in handy!

Package holiday

In the last few years, package holidays have increased in popularity. The ease of booking is a big draw, as you don’t need to spend lots of time researching flights and transfers.

Whether you want to book in advance or find yourself a last-minute deal, you could be jetting off with a few clicks. Websites such as Travel Supermarket make it super easy to search and book for your dream holiday.

Rent someone else’s home

If it’s a home away from home you’re looking for, the rise of sites like Airbnb have made it possible to rent somebody else’s home to live in for a while. This is a great option for families, as having the room to spread out can be really valuable.

All sorts of different types of accommodation can be rented, from treehouses to stylish penthouses in the city, and there is definitely something to suit everyone.

Buy a holiday home

If you’re looking for some stability and a place to return to each year with your family, instead of getting trapped in a timeshare it would make far more financial sense to buy your own holiday home instead.

While the initial up front cost would be more you would not be stuck with ever increasing maintenance fees, be able to sell in the future if you wanted to and even have the ability to make some extra income by renting out the property while you were not using it.