Asia is one of the most diverse continents with a unique culture and captivating sceneries. Are you planning a visit to Asia? Check out Dealchecker for fantastic holiday packages and save some serious bucks on your trip. Wondering which among the many cities in Asia you should visit? Below are five must-see cities.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Dubrovnik, the walled city in Croatia, is a must-visit. The medieval city is well preserved, and its walls are still intact, making it a World Heritage Site. Apart from the city being historic, it is a natural beauty, being graced by the Adriatic Sea with its beautiful beaches. The main point in the city is the King’s Landing, the walled medieval city. Its walls are among the best preserved in the globe. When you get inside, you will see the Franciscan church and the Franciscan monastery library which has 1,500 manuscripts and 30,000 volumes.

Normandy in France

Normandy is rich in history and beautiful sceneries. It hosts one of the most famous tourist sites in France, Mont Saint-Michel.  Its Abbey stands at more than 100 meters above the sea. When the tide is high, Mont Saint-Michel turns into an island that visitors can only access by one road. Its picturesque architecture also includes ancient towns and churches. The old town of Rouen stands out thanks to its rich history and culture. The Beaux Arts Museum is a major attraction. Normandy also has beautiful coastlands, meadows, and woodlands.

Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona is a favorite city for Spain travelers, given its beauty. Its main landmark is the incomplete cathedral, Sagrada Familia. There is also the historic Barcelona Cathedral. For a treat of nature, get to Montserrat where you can climb or walk around the mountain as you get a treat of nature’s flora and fauna.  The Gothic Quarter is the perfect place to take long strolls thanks to its long, beautiful streets with no traffic.

Bali in Indonesia

Bali is effortlessly beautiful, and its people are said to be very hospitable. It is also rich in stunning architecture, including temples and palaces. Puna Tanah Lot is among the top temples in the city, thanks to its marvelous seaside setting amidst crashing waves. The city also hosts pristine jungles, towering volcanoes, beaches, coral gardens, and diverse marine features. Mount Bakur is perfect for lovers of trekking and hiking. When you are on top of the mountains, you can enjoy the amazing sight of sunrise from the misty mountains.

Majoque in Spain

Majoque is a popular destination for royal families. The Spanish family visits the island yearly. Its beaches are like no other. Playa de Muro has golden sand beaches and towering hills. For some extra dose of nature, visit the Serra de Tramuntana range of mountains. When it comes to architecture, the Le Seu cathedral located in Palma is the most impressive. It is among the highest in the world, rising to about 44 meters. The city also has beautiful old towns like Alcudia’s old walls, so you have plenty of places to take a lazy stroll.

Which of these five cities would you love to explore?