Indonesia is a traveler’s dream. Think of the stunning landscapes, incredible diving spots, well-preserved culture, and never-seen-before wildlife, and you have Indonesia, which is not only beautiful, but also budget friendly than many other destinations in Southeast Asia.

In this post, we will talk about 8 things you must know before traveling to Indonesia.

  • Almost 18,110 islands constitute this country, and only about 6000 of them are inhabited. In short, this is a pretty big country, so if you want to just cover the major attractions, you will still need a couple of weeks.

  • Citizens of 169 countries can get VOA or Visa on Arrival in Indonesia, which is something you must know. However, the Visa is only available for 30 days, after which, it cannot be extended.
  • This country can be cheap or expensive as you want it. There are online sites, where you can check and book the best hotels and resorts in Indonesia, depending on your budget. In general, luxury villas should cost somewhere around $100 or more.
  • Do consider getting a travel package, because you can save considerable amount of money, especially when you are traveling with a group and don’t want to try ideas at the last minute. City hotels are great, but you may enjoy better by the beach.

  • Don’t miss Bali. Known for its yoga schools, stunning beaches and wildlife, Bali is everything you would want to experiment, and this is also a den for foodies. If you are into snorkeling, head straight to Gili islands from here, where you can enjoy this small island on a bike.
  • Bargain – for almost everything. Okay, this can be tricky, but if you are in Southeast Asia, bargaining is something you must get used to. In Indonesia, expect to do more than usual, and you will be surprised with the price differences.

  • Make time for Wakatobi, Indonesia. Snorkeling, diving, and all other activities can be best enjoyed in Wakatobi. In fact, you can enjoy water activities in most parts, so get ready for a day of great adventure.
  • Enjoy the food. Southeast Asia is known for its street food, and Indonesia is no different. However, here, you may find some really good surprises. Let you taste buds have the fun, and don’t miss tasting the teas.

It is advisable that you book your travel dates in advance, and try and skip the Ramadan period, which is often more crowded.