Maybe you are running out of time or way too excited to go out on a ride on your bike, no matter what the situation is, we always forget to check the status of our bike too. You can return a favour to your bike by maintaining it and ensuring that it delivers the principal aim to take you to your destination safe and sound. So, without further ado, here is a checklist of things to check before riding a bike:

  1. The size of your bike

Does the bike fit you perfectly? Are you comfortable riding it? It is recommended to have at least 1″-2″ of clearance between you and the top tube of the bike and at least 2″-4″ in the case of a mountain bike.

  1. The seat height of your bike

Firstly check the seat or saddle is adjusted at the right height. It can be adjusted according to your personal preferences too: forward, level or backward. If the saddle or the seat is at the right height and your pedal is adjusted to a forward/aft position, it is quite beneficial for your knees. The best way to determine if you have achieved the perfect position is to check by extending your leg in the 6 o’clock position, and bend your knee slightly.

  1. The wheels of your bike

No matter how old your bikes are, always ensure that the quick-release levers are fully secured.

  1. The brakes of your bike

Squeeze the brake levers to check whether the brake pads are pressed onto the tire rims or rotors on the disc brakes. If the pads are hitting the rims or rotors, it will make you stop instantly.

  1. The rims of your bike

Elevate your bike and pin its wheels. The rims should be aligned straight and should not wobble from side-to-side or up-and-down.

  1. The tires of your bike

Look out for the cracks or the excessive wear on your tires. Inspect that they are inflated to the appropriate pressure.

  1. The frame and headset of your bike

Look out for any cracks on the frame. Hold the front brake and move the bike bake and forth. In the case of excessive play, adjust the headset. It is highly recommendable to not ride the bike with a cracked frame or a loose headset.

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