Orlando is always a favorite destination for travelers. Whether you’re road tripping in a motorhome rental, flying in to visit Walt Disney World, or are simply passing through, there is a lot of fun to be had in this favorite Florida destination.

As you start planning your trip in a motorhome rental, perhaps you’re checking out the activities that you’ll be doing while in town. You may be traveling on a budget and looking for ways to cut down on costs, without sacrificing on fun.

The great news is that Orlando actually has a lot of fun things to do for free. If you want to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience, consider adding these activities to your Orlando plans:

1.Relax near Lake Eola. There are several reasons to visit Lake Eola. From the free movie nights to the beauty of this downtown gem, it’s the perfect spot for simply relaxing. If you’re in Orlando for some time off, what could be better than enjoying good weather while appreciating lake views. From the local swans to the free concerts that often take place here, Lake Eola Park is a must-do for anybody visiting Orlando. If you’re all about those Instagram-worthy pics, Lake Eola Park is a great option for taking those family pictures to remember a remarkable trip.

2.Enjoy a visit to Old Town. A recreation of a small town, Old Town Kissimme is a fun thing to do for those visiting Orlando. Because you can get in for free, it’s a great way to pass time while in the area. You can appreciate exploring the unique shops, restaurants, bars, and even rides. While food and fun will have a price attached to it, it’s one of the few places where you won’t be charged admission, so go ahead and check out a favorite spot for many, both locals and tourists alike.

3.Check out Jack Kerouac’s House. If you’re a fan of Jack Kerouac’s writing or simply a fan of authors in general, you may find a visit to Jack’s old cottage home to be a particularly interesting experience. Now housing writers-in-residence, you can’t just drop in any time but t won’t cost you to see it during a public event and you could even enjoy a reading for free while BYOB and appreciating the writer in residence’s new writings. A truly unique experience—this isn’t something that you will want to miss.

4.Catch a free movie with the kids at Winter Park’s central park. If you’re in town with your kids, you’ve probably spent plenty of money on visiting some of the famous amusement parks in the city. If you’re hoping to take a break from spending too much, why not do something unique with your little ones? If they are old enough for movies, why not catch a free one at the central park in Winter Park? It’s fun, free, and it will certainly be an experience that they will appreciate.

5.Get into Wekiva Island for free on weekdays. Wekiva Island is a lot of fun but it usually costs to get into during the weekend. If you’re in town during the week, you’re in luck. The admission is free and once you’re in Wekiva Island, you’ll find that you won’t mind spending a bit on kayaking or canoeing, as well as paddle boarding. You’ll appreciate that there is always plenty of wildlife to admire while in Wekiva Island. From crocs to fish, it’s certainly a unique experience that you won’t regret doing. While the ocean isn’t close enough to truly take advantage of while in Orlando, Wekiva Island is the destination for water fun that you’ve been wanting. After all, who wants to go to Florida without spending time in the water?

In Conclusion

Most people that visit Orlando go straight for the known experiences like the big amusement parks. But, if you really want to get to know the city and area in a new way, consider exploring other places.

The above-mentioned places are great for getting a feel of the local environment while allowing you to spend less or nothing at all. Orlando is much more than just Disney World and as you check out the local parks and alternative entertainment, you’ll see just how great the city really is. It is certainly one of the most fun places to be found in the state, if not the country.

As you consider renting a motorhome rental to visit Orlando, make sure to include some of these activities on your list of things-to-do. It’s always okay to cut back on costs when you’re on a trip like one to Orlando. Save your money for going all out at the amusement park of your choosing without having to sacrifice fun otherwise.