The Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the greatest experiences of your lives which expands up to thousands of kilometers wide, cutting through the vast wilderness of Russia. No wonder everyone has Trans-Siberian Railway Holidays in their bucket list. The crusade takes you to landscapes like vast deserts, colossal mountains, never-ending green foliage and roaring rivers. It is a scintillating experience in itself. Here are some golden tips to get the best out of the Trans-Siberian Railways.

  1. Make sure you pen down your train details and book directly from the ticket counters.

The official website of Russian Railways has an English page from which you can check your train timings. But, the page is translated half-English, half-Russian, so it makes it difficult to find the train timings on the website. The best way is to purchase the tickets directly from the Russian Railways ticket counter at every station. Also, search for your preferred train and pen its details down: the train number, departure station, arrival station, the train’s start and end point, time and class exactly as it is stated on the website (in Cyrillic). Hand the details to the counter staff and let them fill in the details. Also keep in mind the varying time zones.

  1. Take overnight trains to save on accommodations.

As we mentioned before that Trans-Siberian Railway is an experience in itself. It takes you through some picturesque sights along the journey. You will come across the massive Lake Baikal and the famous Gobi Desert (Trans-Mongolian Railway) which is truly a pleasing sight for your eyes. But, most of your journey will also be spent by passing through acres of forest. Plan on spending some nights on the train and save your money on the accommodation.

  1. Grab some food from the supermarkets to survive on the long train rides.

Unless you want to spend a fortune on the train’s dining car, consider buying some food from the supermarkets and mini marts on almost every street. Grab cup noodles, instant mash potatoes, and some snacks for the long journey. And you do not need to worry about hot water dispenser. Every train has one.

  1. Look out for food stops

Every running train is scheduled to stop at some certain station. And every station has a food stop. The longer the stop is the higher the chances you will find more food stops. From omul fish, pints of beer, to mobile charges, these stops are equipped with promises to make your journey a more enjoyable one.