One of the biggest advantages of choosing what to do on your next holiday is that there are new adventures every year that you can participate in. Whether you like the water, the mountains, or cities with historical buildings, you can find something to make that holiday special if you try. The companies that offer unique outings include activities such as walking or hiking through places that are popular with tourists, including France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and many others. These trekking holidays are great for people who want to combine fresh air and exercise with their love for historical and interesting tourist spots. They are also great for people of all fitness levels because they are specially designed for everyone to enjoy.

A Fun Way to See the Country

Regardless of the country that you are visiting, taking a hiking tour through some of the most popular destinations is always a fun way to enjoy the area. Italy is a country that offers something for everyone and when you hike through this beautiful area, you get to take full advantage of all of its perks. Italy walking holidays offer walks through the mountains of Tuscany, the Sicilian peaks just east of Palermo, the wine trails of Piemonte, the extraordinary landscapes of Assisi, the chestnut trails of the Dolomites, the villas and gardens in Lake Como, and the Sicilian volcano area. Best of all, you can take your time with your hikes and stop along the way whenever you wish to get a bite to eat, do a little souvenir shopping, or spend some time at a tourist spot. The companies that offer these tours give you a map and you can choose between a guided tour or a self-guided one, giving you a certain amount of freedom in your adventure.

Enjoying Your Holiday in a Special Way

Few things are as unique and interesting as trekking your way through Italy or any other country that you wish to visit. The tours are made for both beginning and advanced hikers and they are usually up to seven nights long, which gives you plenty of time to thoroughly explore the area so that you can take home dozens of memories for the future. The valleys, mountains, and coastlines of Italy make for a perfect holiday and when you hike through them, you will never miss anything important. You’ll be exposed to historic ruins, beautiful churches, some of the best food in the world, and, of course, incredible wine choices. Hiking through Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime excursion and each day will present to you something new and a little different. You can enjoy the scenery and the food, have time to shop for souvenirs, and get some exercise in the meantime, enabling you to experience something that you will never forget.