The acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site Hampi, might come off as a new travel destination to many riders, although there is nothing new about the city and its monumentally old temples and sites. The ancient village is located in the state of Karnataka amidst the ruins of the historic capitol of the Vijayanagara Empire. Approximately 340 km away from Bangalore, Hampi is definitely a site to see, and what better way to travel there than with your bike.

The road to Hampi from Bangalore is a smooth and rather straight one. The best time to visit Hampi would be during the winter months between September and February. Bike lovers would love the raging highways and the sub rocky terrain provided by the journey, that you start noticing once you near the famed historic village. The time it takes to reach your destination is neither long nor short, around 6 hours, so it would be recommended to plan easy. Even those without a bike could plan without haste as bikes on rent in Bangalore are easily available on websites like Roadside vendors are not in few numbers and riders can find taking a break useful from time to time and spending time-off at local roadside dhabas and such.

On reaching the village, you will start noticing big rocks and boulders all clustered around and that should be enough to indicate that you are entering and about to reach the glorious remnants of the once great empire of Vijayanagara, now laying in a beautiful mess that seems almost keen to remain that way as if though it has found peace by falling apart. The usual list of must-see sites would be ASI Museum, Mahanavami Dibba, Virupaksha Temple, and the Lotus Palace to name a few. If riders start exploring around the village by themselves, which should be encouraged by the way, you may never know what you might find as the whole place is full awesome ruins and architecture that just blow you away. A place to stay and chill out for the night is present in great numbers in the form of hotels and resorts and lodges, and in all shapes and sizes and budgets.

All in all, Hampi is one of those places you may or may not have heard about, but also one of those places you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime. Get your bike and just drive away to revisit the past, revisit ancient civilization, and reconnect with yourself while you are at it, and to be mesmerized on a monumental level by the one and only Hampi.