London is a dream place to millions; some of them have already achieved by visiting this place whereas some are still planning. It is time to pull up your socks and see the actual fun of London by performing these crazy activities at some exciting places.

Places and activities in London to explore:

  1. Live Escape Game:

It’s crazy and fun to try this game at the ClueQuest. You need to find an escape room but, it’s not as easy as it seems. Those who are amazing to solve tricky situations will be able to make it till the final exit

  1. Walking and Biking:

Plenty of hotspots are made in London for the joggers, walker, and bikers. It’s fun and exciting to share a same route and meet people with similar interests. Be a part of the Royal London Walking tour or visit the popular parks for a Bike Ride.

  1. Historic Sites:

Some are too attached with the historic times and find it fascinating to read about the past. London is a hub of historical activities, venues, museums, and galleries that take you to the medieval period and war times.

  1. Shopping:

You cannot miss shopping whether it is on the streets or at the malls. There is so much to explore and buy for the shopaholics. You can buy from a range of chocolates, perfumes, cosmetics, gadgets, and more.

  1. Food:

It’s fun to try a new pub and restaurant every evening. Dress to kill and visit some of city’s popular bars for a pint of beer. Bars and pubs are the best places to make new friends and know London people well. People in London are polite and prefer talking to those who are equally polite.

  1. Universities:

We don’t want you to study here but it’s amazing to see how the education system of London is by checking a few popular universities. London Universities are known for their spectacular interiors and spacious parks.

  1. Cathedrals:

Don’t miss the cathedral, especially if you have a close connection with religious places. Cathedrals of London have brilliant interiors and breathtaking views. The peaceful environment gives you an opportunity to interact with yourself and the gods. Most cathedrals in London give you breathtaking views for the decorations during Christmas.

We hope you are all set to visit London. For any queries related to the journey, feel free to reach C London City website.