If you want to get from point A to point B, and do so affordably, you may want to take advantage of relocation specials that are offered by car hire companies. You just have to be flexible about the dates of travel. For instance, you can relocate a vehicle for a company at only $1.00 per day. In addition, you receive a free tank of fuel. Specials are not offered on a regular basis, though. Therefore, you need to check a car hire’s website on a regular basis.

Check the Car Hire Site from Time to Time

When a car hire company needs to transport a vehicle to another branch location, it often finds it easier to do if it can use customers for such a task. You can only find these types of specials online. Therefore, it pays—literally—to check the site of the company from time to time.

Special Requests Cannot Be Honoured

If you are interested in a relocation car in Australia, you cannot request a specific location. Again, you can only refer to the relocations that are listed on the car hiring company’s website. Due to the low price and the nature of the relocation, special requests cannot be honoured.

For example, you can choose relocations that are featured as follows:

  • From Styla to Perth to Sydney for a maximum of 12 days
  • From Styla to Perth to Adelaide for a maximum of 9 days
  • From Perth to the Melbourne Airport for a maximum of 11 days

When relocation specials are available, they typically are varied. Therefore, you can plan an itinerary that generally meets your travel needs.

Carefully Scan the Terms and Condition of the Contract

When viewing the relocation hire information, carefully scan the copy so you know what you are getting in the deal. Doing so will avoid any misunderstandings. Sometimes people get so excited about a deal, they end up missing some of the more important points in the fine print.

In order to book a relocation hire, again, you need to book the package through the car hire’s website. The free tank of gas is included for dropping off the car. For example, when you collect the car, the tank will be full. By the time you drop off the car, the tank can be empty.

The daily $1.00 rate that is charged includes unlimited mileage for the vehicle and the inclusion of insurance. The insurance features a standard excess of $3,000 for relocation cars. In order to reduce such excess, you need to remit an additional daily fee.

Some people want to pick up their vehicles before the beginning of the relocation date, which can be done as long as you confirm the date with the rental company. However, you still need to book the relocation through the company’s website.

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