How much to you really know about the capital of Denmark? If you are planning an expedition to the city of Copenhagen, in this article we bring you some local knowledge to help inspire you to add this dynamic city to your travel wish-list.

  1. The city is the home of many of your favorite fairy-tales

No doubt one of the must-sees on your visit to Copenhagen will be the iconic statue of the Little Mermaid. The statue was given to the city by Carl Jacobsen, a prosperous brewer from Denmark. The Little Mermaid is a story that was created by Copenhagen resident Hans Christian Andersen, an author who created numerous fairy-tale stories that you will be familiar with – examples include The Little Match Girl, The Ugly Duckling, and Fantasia. As well as visiting the statue of the Little Mermaid, you can also visit the home where Hans Christian Andersen lived, as well as the cemetery where you can pay your respects at your grave.

  1. The most famous street used to be a home for prostitutes

The image that you see on all the postcards from Copenhagen is the row of brightly colored town-houses in the precinct of Nyhavn. Nyhavn rought translates as New Harbor. Constructed in the 17th century, for many years Nyhavn was a key shipping and transport hub for the city. While today the brightly colored houses are very family-friendly and a lively destination with bars and restaurants, back when this area was thronging with sailors and seamen they took their entertainment with the prostitutes who worked the docks. If you take a boat tour of the city’s canals, you will most likely start and finish in the Nyhavn canal.

  1. Walt Disney took his inspiration from Copenhagen

In the center of Copenhagen you will find the Tivoli Pleasure Gardens. The Tivoli gardens are a historic amusement park – it first opened in 1843. As well as being home to one of the world’s oldest wooden roller-coasters, the garden’s elaborate decorations change each season, and the locals come to the gardens for concerts and nights out. Walt Disney visited the Tivoli Pleasure Gardens in Copenhagen and so loved the magical atmosphere that it was one of his major inspirations when designing and creating Disneyland.

  1. There’s an alternative lifestyle community in the heart of the city

Christiana Freetown is the name given to an old military barracks that has been taken over by an alternative lifestyle community. Nearly 1,000 people in Christiana Freetown which operates as a self-governing community. Visitors are welcome, however photos are not allowed.

Where to stay

Whether you are travelling by yourself, as a couple, or with your family, there is a huge range of accommodation options available for you to choose from in Copenhagen. One particularly popular style of accommodation are the self-contained apartments or an Aparthotel Copenhagen seems to do particularly well. This gives you the flexibility of having a fully equipped kitchen so that you can prepare your own meals, while also giving you the security and confidence of a well-renowned hotel property.