An El Nido tour package offers times of island hopping, testing out different water activities, and fun hiking journeys. Complete your unforgettable visit to El Nido, Palawan by going to a few of the popular restaurants around. Locating a spot to eat within the town is definitely an adventure by itself. The very first rule to reside by-don’t judge center by its appearance. Frequently, past the crummy-searching outside of center are tasty meals. As El Nido is really a fishing town, sea food products would be the stars on most menus.

Here are a few go-to places for terrific chow occasions.

A Cafe Or Restaurant Named Following a Bird

La Salangane is really a French restaurant right by Bacuit Bay that provides easy and traditional Filipino dishes. The restaurant’s name originates from the a bird native to Palawan. The bird eats algae and makes nests that many people use to help make the famous bird’s nest soup. After using the island hopping tour incorporated inside your El Nido tour package, visit this restaurant for any relaxing night around. Every evening they create different dishes that match the season’s harvests.

Live Western Music at Balay Tubay

If you want classic western songs, you will have fun at Balay Tubay. The area enables you to enjoy live band performances every night. You may also carry the microphone and play some tunes together. Be sure that you have reasonable musical skills to choose your confidence. This could likely add excitement for your El Nido tour package. When you are completed with the show, you can try a few of the handicrafts produced through the musicians themselves.

A spot for Good Quality Shisha

Habibi Restaurant and Shisha Café reaches interesting dining and consuming nook around. It’s around the second floor of the old house. Inside, you will find a comfortable and modern bar. Habibi, that is Arabic for “baby” or “love,” treats people to imported and nicotine-free Shisha. Additionally, it offers traditional sea food courses. Within the mood for many drinks? They’ve cocktails, beers, and occasional.

Good Drinks and food

Just across the shore of Bacuit Bay, you will find Ocean Slugs Bar and Restaurant. Don’t allow the name weird you out of trouble. It is not among the town’s busiest eateries for free. Night and day, customers come here to savor grilled Filipino sea food and a few popular American dishes. Much traffic mind right to center after their island hopping tour that’s part of their El Nido tour package itinerary. Having a great location, ambiance, and good food, vacationers will not help but spot the place. During the night, they light the area with torches and entertain customers with live music.