If you’re an Australian tourist looking to experience a new culture, it’s well worth looking at holidays in Bali. As whilst Bali is just a short flight from Australia, you’ll feel as if you’ve flown half way across the world. Not only does Bali boast friendly locals and world class beaches but Bali also boasts ancient temples and luxurious villas.

5 tips to make the most out of your Bali vacation:

  1. Cool off at Waterbom Bali

To beat the mid afternoon heat its well worth visiting Waterbom Bali, a 3.8 hectare world class water-park, which is home to The Climax, one of the steepest water-slides in Asia. Whilst kids will love racing each other down the parks slides, adults will enjoy exploring the park’s tropical gardens.

  1. Villas in Bali

Family friendly villas make a great alternative to a crowded hotel or resort. Bali’s luxury villas provide great value for money and often feature private swimming pools and idyllic gardens. So if you’re looking for a private retreat, to relax in after a day spent sightseeing or swimming at a local beach, it’s well worth booking a luxury villa.

By booking your own villa, you’ll also be able to hire a personal chef or masseuse to visit your villa. So if you’re interested in sampling traditional Balinese cuisine or enjoying a rejuvenating traditional Balinese massage, you’ll love staying in your own private villa.

  1. Get off the beaten tourist track

Many Australian tourists make the mistake of sticking to major tourists areas such as Kuta and Ubud. The best way to explore Bali is to hire a rental car and embark on day trips to Bali’s north and west coasts, which are far less crowded than Bali’s popular south coast, as well as Bali’s central mountains.

  1. Visit at least one Balinese temple

As an example, it’s well worth visiting the Tirta Empul Temple in Central Bali, which is listed as a national cultural heritage site and was built in 960 AD. The Tirta Empul Temple translates to the holy water spring temple and features purification baths, pools and fish ponds. It’s also worth visiting the Gunung Kawi Temple, in North East Ubud, which features a myriad of ancient rock carvings.

  1. Ensure to pack at least one smart casual outfit

While Bali may be a haven for backpackers and surfers, most of Bali’s upscale bars and restaurants require guests to adhere to a smart casual dress code.

It’s also worth packing a conservative outfit or purchasing a conservative Balinese wrap in order to cover your knees and your shoulders, when you’re exploring a Balinese temple or a conservative village.